Exciting GFHG Update

Even more reasons to get involved with the Geelong Family History Group(GFHG) – whether you are a member or not.

NEW: DNA Interest Group

We are delighted to announce that our GFHG Member and DNA expert, Louise Coakley, has agreed to establish and run our own DNA Interest Group.  We’re still working out the logistics however:

  • We will be using ZOOM Pro Meeting for the group meetings (see details below)
  • We will limit the number of attendees at each session to ensure all attendees can participate
  • Meetings will be FREE for Geelong Family History Group members
  • There will be a small fee for non-Members to attend – of course you can always become a member to attend free
  • There may be separate meetings for Beginner / Basic attendees and Intermediate or Advanced
  • Meetings may be Monthly to allow you to progress your DNA research between meetings

To help us finalise our plans for the DNA Interest Group(s), please:

  • Email the GFHG Secretary if you are interested
  • State your DNA knowledge / experience level – Beginner, Basic, Intermediate, Advanced
  • If you have questions about our DNA Interest Group(s) include them in the email – do NOT include questions about DNA – that’s what the DNA Interest Group Meetings will be about!
  • Get your emails in quickly so we can get the DNA Interest Group(s) started as soon as possible.

Monthly pre-recorded speakers

The Geelong Family History Group has been very fortunate to continue our scheduled program of monthly speakers and topics.  These are provided to our members (and non-members on our GFHG Mailing List – ** see note below) for download as a MP4 video.  That means that people are able to copy the video to USB and watch on their television – a very relaxing way to enjoy our amazing speakers.  This also means that our members who were previously unable to enjoy our meetings in Geelong can enjoy our monthly speakers.  And yes, we’re looking at ways that we can continue this when life gets back to ‘normal’.

Monthly Virtual Meetings

  • From this month (August 2020), the Geelong Family History Group will be using ZOOM Meeting Pro.  That means we will NOT be restricted to 40 minutes.  We encourage everyone joining our monthly ZOOM meetings to be prepared with questions, help with research, bragging about a family history breakthrough, or any other issues you want to discuss.  If you wish, you can send your questions in advance of the meeting so we can schedule or plan for them – email GFHG Secretary.  As with our monthly speakers we hope to continue something similar for the benefit of our non-local members.

July Pivot Tree

  • Our printer is operating again and we have our July Pivot Tree ready to be posted out to financial members who have paid $30 covering their Membership Renewal as well as postage.  All other Financial members will be given access to the digital version of Pivot Tree.

** non-members on our GFHG Mailing List – these are people who were previous members or people who attended our GFHG Meetings at the Belmont Library.  It doesn’t include people subscribed to this and other Geelong and District Blogs and receive ’emails’ sent out by WordPress – i.e. this blog.

4 Responses

  1. drltaylor@bigpond.com

    Hi Susie,

    I am interested in the DNA class thar you and Louise are planning.

    I have done my own and my brother’s autosomal DNA and also my brother’s Y DNA.

    I would say that I would be in your beginner’s class.

    I guess I will hear from you when you have everything set up.

    Cheers for now,


    • GFHG Geelong

      Hi Ruth – have added you to the group – spent a couple of hours on the phone with Louise planning all the logistics etc – it’s going to be great! Will be in touch.

  2. Dale Fogarty


    I have just sent in my membership application and a request to join the DNA Interest Group. I’m looking forward to participating.

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