Life Members:

Eveline Madden (dec.)
Shirley Costello
Elaine Kranjc
Pam Jennings
Lorraine Phelan
Val England
John Stewart
Nola Thomas
Marg Frewin


Daryl Wight 1981
Fred Walter 1981-1982
Shane Sawyer 1982-1983
Lorraine Lang 1983-1984
Joyce Newton 1984-1988
Lorraine Phelan 1988-1992, 1994-2005
Fred Walter 1992-1994
John Stewart 2005-2017
David Wilson 2017-


Elaine Stewart 1982-1986
Elaine Kranjc 1987-1988
Margaret Frewin
Elizabeth Kraus 1992-1994, 1998-2000
Fred Walter 1994-1996
Jenny Wright 1996-1998
Val England 2000-2011, 2011-2017 (Assistant Secretary)
John Stewart 2011-2017 (Secretary / Public Officer)
Susie Zada 2017-


Jeanette Burns 1981
Paula Verschuur 1982
Mike McGoven 1983-1984
Betty Chesterman 1985-1986
Val Anderson 1987-1991
Sue Wood 1991-1994
Ruth Walter 1995-1996
Brian Latter 1997-2007
Ruth Taylor 2007-2017
Bob Jordan 2017-

Pivot Tree Editors:

Shirley Costello 1982-1999
Pam Jennings 2000-2007
Margaret Frewin 2007-


Fred Walter 1996-2001
Trevor Kelly 2001-2007
Susie Zada 2007-

Publication Officers:

Joyce Newton 1992
Heather Cox 1993-1997
Ian Duncan 1997-2005
Pam Jennings 2005-2018

Research Officers:

Shane Sawyer 1981
Joyce Newton 1983
Gwen Greagan 1984
Ev Madden 1986-1990
Elaine Kranjc 1990-2005
John Stewart 2005-


Margaret Frewin

Membership Officer:

Gayle Dawber 1992-2009
Sue Wood 2009-2010
Suzanne Frith 2010-2018
Susie Zada 2018-

Honorary Membership:

Susie Zada
Pam Flynn

Committee Members: (in addition to all the above office bearers)

Edna Buswell
David Cook
Jenice Coots
John England
Margareat Haywood
Mary Kelly
Don Mackinnon
Maisie Monk
Lois Nelson
Ann Prior
Jean Reece
F Sandover
Gail Shell
Joan Slade
Aileen Stewart
Nola Thomas
Keith Tompkin
George Venables
Ruth Walter
Irene Watson

IMPORTANT: If you are aware of any names that have been omitted or any incorrect dates please get in touch so we can have these details as accurate as possible.