Life Members:

Eveline Madden (dec.)
Shirley Costello
Elaine Kranjc
Pam Jennings
Lorraine Phelan
Val England
John Stewart
Nola Thomas
Marg Frewin
David Wilson


Daryl Wight 1981
Fred Walter 1981-1982
Shane Sawyer 1982-1983
Lorraine Lang 1983-1984
Joyce Newton 1984-1988
Lorraine Phelan 1988-1992, 1994-2005
Fred Walter 1992-1994
John Stewart 2005-2017
David Wilson 2017-2019
Michael Menzies 2020-


Elaine Stewart 1982-1986
Elaine Kranjc 1987-1988
Margaret Frewin
Elizabeth Kraus 1992-1994, 1998-2000
Fred Walter 1994-1996
Jenny Wright 1996-1998
Val England 2000-2011, 2011-2017 (Assistant Secretary)
John Stewart 2011-2017 (Secretary / Public Officer)
Susie Zada 2017-


Jeanette Burns 1981
Paula Verschuur 1982
Mike McGoven 1983-1984
Betty Chesterman 1985-1986
Val Anderson 1987-1991
Sue Wood 1991-1994
Ruth Walter 1995-1996
Brian Latter 1997-2007
Ruth Taylor 2007-2017
Bob Jordan 2017-

Pivot Tree Editors:

Shirley Costello 1982-1999
Pam Jennings 2000-2007
Margaret Frewin 2007-


Fred Walter 1996-2001
Trevor Kelly 2001-2007
Susie Zada 2007-

Publication Officers:

Joyce Newton 1992
Heather Cox 1993-1997
Ian Duncan 1997-2005
Pam Jennings 2005-2018

Research Officers:

Shane Sawyer 1981
Joyce Newton 1983
Gwen Greagan 1984
Ev Madden 1986-1990
Elaine Kranjc 1990-2005
John Stewart 2005-


Margaret Frewin

Membership Officer:

Gayle Dawber 1992-2009
Sue Wood 2009-2010
Suzanne Frith 2010-2018
Susie Zada 2018-

Honorary Membership:

Susie Zada
Pam Flynn
Louise Coakley

Committee Members: (in addition to all the above office bearers)

Edna Buswell
David Cook
Jenice Coots
John England
Margareat Haywood
Mary Kelly
Don Mackinnon
Michael Menzies
Maisie Monk
Carl Nelson
Lois Nelson
Ann Prior
Jean Reece
F Sandover
Gail Shell
Joan Slade
Aileen Stewart
Nola Thomas
Keith Tompkin
George Venables
Ruth Walter
Irene Watson
David Wilson

IMPORTANT: If you are aware of any names that have been omitted or any incorrect dates please get in touch so we can have these details as accurate as possible.