GFHG Research PLUS1

What is GFHG Research PLUS1?

A great new initiative we’re introducing at the Geelong Family History Group.  At the moment we have TWO options for paid research at GFHG:

    1. Research Requests
    2. GFHG Research Files

We are now going to have THREE options:

    1. Research Requests
    2. GFHG Research Files
    3. Either of the above options with PLUS1

Explanation of PLUS1

This is an add-on for Research Option 1 or Option 2 but cannot be used separately.  In other words you can pay for a Research Request PLUS1 OR you can pay for a GFHG Research Files search PLUS1.  You cannot have a PLUS1 on its own.

PLUS1 is 1 hour of one-on-one assistance with your Family History research.  It doesn’t have to be on the same subject as your Research Request or GFHG Research Files search and does not have to be limited to Geelong district research.  In fact it could be interstate research or overseas research or DNA or organising your research  – this is designed to help you progress with your family history research and recording.

There will also be two options for your one-on-one session:

    1. We will meet you at the Geelong Heritage Centre (date to be confirmed) at either 1.15 pm or 2.30 pm on a Wednesday afternoon.  There will be four slots in total each month – all on the same day – and in the first half of the month, as the Family History Group have many commitments in the last half of the month and on other days in the month.  Obviously this option is suitable for people who can get to the Geelong Heritage Centre on a weekday afternoon.  One of the outcomes of this option is that you will also become familiar with researching at the Heritage Centre and be able to continue your research at the Heritage Centre or using computers at your local library,
    2. We will meet you via Zoom with the day / date / time set to meet your personal requirements.  There will be two of these slots each month.  This option will best suit those not able to get to the Heritage Centre, especially on a weekday afternoon.  This would obviously suit people who work during the week or will benefit from more screen sharing of examples and suggestions.

How much does it cost?

And the best option?  Consider becoming a member of the Geelong Family History Group BEFORE you pay for a Non-Member research option PLUS1.  This would cost you $AUD30.00 to become a member ($10 joining fee and $20 annual fee) and then $25 for your GFHG Research PLUS1 – so just $5.00 more than the Non-Members option!  And this gives you so many more benefits as a GFHG Member!

Limitations of GFHG research PLUS1?

  • You cannot pay for a PLUS1 on its own – if you want more than one one-on-one session either at the Geelong Heritage Centre or via Zoom you must pay for a full research option – either Option 1 and the PLUS1 or Option 2 and the PLUS1.
  • PLUS1 sessions are limited to ONE HOUR
  • If you want multiple research options – you can do this.  You cannot have multiple PLUS1s without also paying for a research option for each one.
  • If you’re confused, please get in touch.

All the above details have not yet been added to our website – this will happen over the next couple of days!

Image source: from KOBU Agency

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