A Request from you and an Offer from us!

The Geelong Family History Group is always asking for articles for our journal – Pivot Tree.  Recent requests have resulted in very little response so we’re doing something different!

We need you to do THIS:

We URGENTLY need small, medium and large articles for Pivot Tree – we need a LARGE POOL of articles to create each journal.

Ideally articles (with photos if you have them) about your family or families who were in the Geelong and District area – that covers a BIG area of south west Victoria.

We offer you THIS:

A FREE search – surname or placename – of our GFHG Research Files – that includes the offer of copies of 10 pages / records.  Our GFHG Research Files are an extraordinary archive that includes more than 1,685 documents / indexes / manuscripts / publications containing more than 171,000 digitised pages.

I haven’t yet decided on how long this offer will stand or any limits to the number of articles, or the criteria for this offer – the decision is mine (Susie Zada) because I’m the one who will have to do all the work on the searches and send out the records / pages etc – I would LOVE to be flooded with articles and therefore searches – we’ll see how responsive you are!

SEND articles and photos to:

Susie Zada at geelongfhg@gmail.com
Ideally articles should be in Word and images should be separate files – high definition jpg is good – ideally 300-500 Kb.  Our Editor will get back to you if there is a problem with either text or images.
The images above are just a couple of examples of some of the amazing records from our GFHG Research Files archive – they are the left and right hand page from the Geelong Infirmary Inpatient Registers – full of information most family historians would give anything for.

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