No research rooms but LOTS of research resources

It is more than ten years since the Geelong Family History Group vacated its library and research centre however in that time access to Research resources has escalated.

For our meetings we have access to state of the art facilities in the meeting room at the Belmont Library – WiFi for interactive sessions using the data projection facilities.

It has also meant that our volunteers have been able to put their energy into making resources available online to our members and local history researchers.

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2 Responses to No research rooms but LOTS of research resources

  1. June McAlpine says:

    Could you please tell me if records are are available for patients from Geelong Benevolent Hospital during WW1 time frame ?


  2. GFHG Geelong says:

    Hi June – there are a number of records at the Geelong Heritage Centre however there may be restricted access to some.
    The Admission Register to 1917 is indexed and can be searched in the Geelong & District Database.
    At the Heritage Centre they have the Admission Register to 1935, Inpatients Register to 1917, and Death Register to 1955.
    Hope that helps.
    Regards … Susie Z, GFHG Secretary


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